Pretty Much.

It went well
You didn’t have to do it all by yourself
Some friends came over and helped
A hand truck, a friend with a van
And you’re moving out again,
Remembering when you first came
It’s crazy, these streets are the same
They looked different when they were strange
And it always is weird to erase
Every personal trace
From a place you called home for a while
And see all that you own in a pile
A place that turned into a friend
Return it to how it had been
To become friends with whoever moves in
And you stick around after all the boxes are down
The fridge is empty, just one ice tray
There’s some pennies and dust on that shelf
But the landlord can clean it herself
You’re not sure but you’re gonna claim
The blinds were busted like that when you came
You’re on the verge of thinking something deep
And then you hear the van give a beep
And then you take one last look around to make sure
Then go one last time out the door
And you’ll never again see the angle
Of the street that you saw from that window
You take the key out of your pocket
Close the front door and you lock it
Drop the key back through the slot
Sure hope there’s nothing you forgot
  • Current Music
    Jack and Jeffrey Lewis - Moving